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Jackie & Jon

"Working with Renee was effortless. She is a sweet , kind and hardworking wedding planner. She spent so much time attending pre meetings and making sure all bases were covered for the 164 person wedding. Renee is very detail oriented and she did her best to make us think of everything we needed for the big day. She handeled 20 wedding party bridesmaids and groomsman beautifully. Our rehearsal took an hour and that was amazing in and of itself. We were truly a cast of thousands. lol" 

Gina & Rodney

"OMG Renee is AMAZING!!!! Renee and her assistant  went above and beyond to ensure that my wedding was beautiful and perfect. From the rehearsal to the ceremony to the reception and afterwards, Renee and her assistant worked tirelessly to make sure that everything I wanted for my big day came true. "

Tram & Nam

"Renee and her team made our day run smoothly and most importantly enjoyable for us. She created a detailed schedule for the rehearsal and the wedding day, detailing who needs to be where, what has to be said or completed, and knew exactly how we wanted the venue to be set up. She was very friendly and patient with our bridal party and stayed late at all of our meetings to make sure everything was perfect."

Tram and Nam-363.jpg
Emily & Ji

"My wedding went off without a hitch! Well of course weddings aren't always perfect because it was raining cats and dogs on my wedding day but Renee and her assistant made sure everything turned out beautiful and that I didn't stress out about anything on my wedding day. Decor, vendors, anything that was supposed to be on the patio she smoothly directed inside (she worked directly with the venue, I didn't even have to ask her about anything because I trusted her)"

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