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10 Tips to Survive a Bridal Show

So you're engaged! Congratulations! Now it's time to start planning for a wedding. It’s an exciting time for you and your groom-to-be but looking for vendors can be exhausting. A bridal show is a great way to find vendors, but you have to go prepared or you may feel a little overwhelmed with so many options. Here are ten savvy tips to help you through the busy bridal show day.

1. Bring Someone with You Bring along your groom-to-be, maid of honor and/or your mother. Having a little input is great; however bringing too many people with many opinions can get confusing. 2. Arrive Early

Most bridal shows offer door prizes to the first few brides through the door! Arriving early also gives you a chance to speak with the vendors before it gets really busy.

3. Prepare Mailing Labels Before the Show Many vendors will ask for your name and email address. Having mailing labels available will make sure you don't spend too much time writing the same information over and over. Also, your information will be easy to read in case you win a prize or someone needs to contact you to redeem your gift.

4. Bring Water and Some Snacks Sure, there will be cake samples, but bring some nourishment to keep you going throughout the day. Things such as granolas bars, a piece of fruit and trail mix should get you through the day.

5. Skip the Fashion Show This will give you time to revisit vendors you may not have had the chance to talk to when the show was busier. This is also your chance to spend a little one on one time with vendors you liked and are considering hiring. You'll also have a lot more room on the show floor to move around. 6. Bring a Calendar Schedule follow up phone calls and consultation appointments with the vendors you are interested in.

7. Wear Comfortable Shoes You'll be walking a lot and you don't want high heels to slow you up! 8. Take Lots of Pictures

There will be plenty of inspiration that you may not find in a bridal magazine or on a wedding blog. Also, taking photos will help you to remember the vendors you would like to work with.

9. Take Notes Write down information that might help you remember the vendors you like when they contact you, you’ll know exactly who you are speaking with. Also, you never know what you'll learn and from who.

10. Have Fun! It's going to be your special day and you'll want to learn, explore and meet great vendors. Take your time, ask lots of questions and get lots of information. Make a day of it! Have lunch or even get your nails done after the show.

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