Wedding Trends 2017 - Paper Flowers

Paper flowers for weddings exploded in 2016 and fortunately are here to stay for 2017! We absolutely adore paper flowers, not only are they affordable but they are potentially good for the environment. They are very easy to find if you want to purchase them, there are a plethora of sellers on Etsy. Even better, if you are pretty crafty YouTube has many tutorials to teach you how to create them for yourself for FREE!

Some cultures have been using paper flowers for centuries such as the Hispanic culture. In Mexican culture, paper flowers are used in place of real flowers to decorate parties, weddings, and religious festivities. They are no longer just a staple of Mexican folk art, but are being used all around the world. Different flowers hold different cultural significance's. The flowers come in a variety of types and sizes, each with its own story and symbolism.

For example worldwide, roses are one of the most popular and well-known flowers. In most cultures the rose symbolizes love and grace. The rose is a significant part of Mexican culture because of the role it plays in the story of The Virgin of Guadalupe. In the story, the Virgin asked a peasant to pick the roses he found in bloom and present them to the bishop as proof of her appearance. The peasant picked a cloak full of roses, despite it being winter, a season in which roses do not normally bloom.

Paper flowers can be used for many things, Engagement Photos, for favors, centerpieces, bouquet’s, backdrops, invitations, and even boutonnieres! They are usually always unique, no one is the exact same and you’ll get that WOW factor.

Check these out!

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Happy Planning!

Renee Wilson, CWP


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