Etiquette: Inviting Your Ex-Spouse To Your Wedding

For those of you that have been married before and will be planning your second wedding, have you thought about inviting your ex-spouse to your wedding?

Proper etiquette for second marriages state that you should not include your ex-spouse and formal in-laws in your guest count because it may make your other guests feel uncomfortable, but can we put etiquette to the side for one moment? – Regardless to what “etiquette” says it really all depends on your relationship with your ex-spouse and your ex-in-laws. If you and your ex have parted ways on a happy note then it is advised to use your discretion, it is your wedding after all.

Some people, very few, are able to part ways on a positive note and move on without strife, if that is you then more power to you, invite your ex. If you are like 80% of those who are divorced and have no relationship what-so-ever with your ex-husband or ex-wife then it may be best that you do NOT invite them to your birthday party, let alone your wedding.

If you decide not to invite your ex-spouse to your nuptials it is proper etiquette to have a conversation sometime after the wedding, maybe after the honeymoon, to discuss your new marital status. This is usually done if there are kids involved. Some families are what we call “blended” families when the exes and their new spouses are very involved in each other’s lives. In circumstances such as these it’s very common for families to be blended and have great relationships for the children involved and in that case, sure invite your ex-spouse.

If you do decide to invite your ex-spouse be sure to introduce them to your soon-to-be spouse before the wedding, think about it, things would be pretty awkward meeting your bride or grooms ex for the first time at your wedding. For some this entire situation will be strange but for others it’s as natural as putting on deodorant ;)

These days not many people follow proper etiquette when it comes to their wedding, but at the end of it all it’s YOUR WEDDING and you should do what works for you and your spouse-to-be.

We hope this helps in making the decision on rather or not to invite your ex-spouse to your wedding. We would love to hear your views below, would you invite your ex-spouse to your wedding? Why or Why not?

Happy Planning - EE

Renee Wilson, CWP

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