Hiring The Right Wedding Vendors

As a wedding planner and owner of Enchanting Engagement, I have worked with a fair share of wedding professionals – some good and some … not so good. Hiring the right wedding professionals for your dream wedding is a crucial part of the wedding planning process. You want to make sure you hire reliable vendors to get the job done.

It is very important that you hiring wedding vendors that you can trust and that you know will provide excellent service. Your Wedding professionals should be reliable, experienced, and very educated in their specialty.

Here are few things to think about when hiring vendors for your special day:

Hire Reputable Vendors

When comparing vendors one very important thing to remember is to make sure your prospects have a good reputation. Make sure you check reviews from past clients if they are avialable. Ask to see some of their past work. Another thing you could do is check the better business bureau to make sure they are a legit business and don't have an abundance of complaints.

Hire Vendors That See Your Vision

Another very important note is to make sure you and your vendors are on the same page or in the same book for that matter. Often times vedors have their own ideas of how they want your wedding to look and feel but remember this is your wedding and in order for your dream wedding to become a reality you must find vendors that can clearly see your vision.

Hire Vendors that are in your budget

Create a budget for each vendor category and I suggest only setting up consultations and meetings with vendors that are in your budget. It is very easy to blow your budget with vendors that are not in it, so to prevent that only meet with those that are in your wedding budget.

Sign a Contract

Make sure your selected vendors have a contract for you to sign. Ask if it is possible for you to read the contract before you make a decision, this way if there are things in the contract that are deal breakers you will not have to back track on your decision.

Trust Your Gut!

Chances are you will get a feeling when you have your first consultation with each vendor, rather it is good or bad trust it – It’s usually right! First impressions are lasting, for example think about how long it took the vendor to get back to you, did it take a couple of days? Did they answer the phone right away?

We hope these tips help you to find the best wedding vendors to help create your dream wedding!

Happy Planning - EE

Renee Wilson, CWP



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