Advantages of Hiring A

Wedding Planner

There are many benefits of hiring a wedding planner or Day of Coordinator for your wedding, here are just a few very important ones.
Enchanting Engagement.....

1. Saves you time -  The average wedding takes approximately 

200 hours to plan.


2. Saves you money- by negotiating discounts with vendors


3. Acts as your “Go To” – No hassling with annoying questions

from vendors or bridesmaids on the day of your wedding.


4. Allows you to have a worry free day & have fun with your



5. Handles crises behind the scenes.


6. Saves friends and family from missing out on the fun.


7. Recommends vendors you can trust.


8. Helps to figure out a budget and stick to it!


9. Brings your vision to life.


10. Brings knowledge and expertise to wedding plannings ins & outs.


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